What Are the Benefits of an Open MRI?

open MRI

If you have an injury or some other sort of internal issue, you may be looking at what you can do to find the problem. The MRI is one of the traditional ways to make this happen – but it can be a bit difficult, depending on who you are. Have you considered an open MRI? Here are some the reasons you may want to.

Prevents Anxiety and Claustrophobia

You aren’t stuck with part of your body in a tube, so it’s immediately more relaxing for you to get through the scan. Not only that, but if you’re a bigger person that’s worried about fitting in a machine, you may be anxious – the open model prevents that from being an issue.

More Accurate Than Other Options

With an open MRI, you aren’t stuck with one area of the body. You can scan the targeted area and everything around it, allowing your doctor to get a more accurate picture of what it is that you’re dealing with. This allows for more accurate diagnostic options and makes it easier to make decisions about treatment and care.

Easier to Get Other Angles

By having more space and making it possible for the people doing the scan to make necessary adjustments throughout the diagnostic test, you will find that it’s that much easier to get things done and you can get a more thorough scan done.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why an open MRI is a better option than your traditional MRI. That’s why more and more hospitals and diagnostic centers have been adding them to their diagnostic tools. Consider talking to your medical professional to see if you can get this instead of a traditional MRI the next time you need a diagnostic scan.