See an Emergency Dentist for Tooth Pain

Emergency dental care is available when you cannot wait until an appointment. This includes both after hour times, weekends, and holidays, as well as same-day needs. One of the most common reasons a person needs to visit an emergency dentist is due to tooth pain. Everyone who’s experienced tooth pain before can attest to how horrible it can make you feel, especially when nothing else seems to help.

At Home Toothache Solutions

Although emergency dental services Hemet are available, you may want to try to stop your tooth pain before you schedule an appointment. There are a few ways to alleviate a toothache pain and while each remedy may not provide a solution, it’s certainly worth a try. Some of the most common homemade toothache remedies include:

·    Cold Compress: Pressing a cold compress against the jaw is one of the easiest ways to stop toothache pain. You may also place ice on the jaw but be sure to wrap it in a cloth first.

·    Hydrogen Peroxide: Most people have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in their home. Now is a good time to use it. Alone or diluted, gargle, spit, and the toothache subsides.

·    Salt & Hot Water Gargle: A hot water and salt gargle is a tried and true toothache remedy. The salt acts to draw out fluids and infection from the gums that cause the infection and irritation.

·    Clove Oil: Eugenol found inside clove oil eliminates toothache pain in almost an instant. It’s found at drug stores and supermarkets.

Make an Appointment

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If the above home toothache pain remedies don’t stop the pain, make sure to call a dentist to schedule an appointment. The dentist offers a variety of pain relief options that will help you get back to life before the toothache struck.